Blog: Mike Peters ‘Under Attack’ Recording Diary Entry #50

Day Fifty : Sunday 21st July 2005

George is mixing ‘Zero’ this morning. The track has most of it’s information recorded. It only needs a guitar part from James which gets recorded by lunch time. I am going into London to visit Bobby Troman who first started working for The Alarm back in 1983 on the Stand tour. Bobby is only 42 but recently suffered a huge stroke whilst on a U.K. theatre tour and has been paralysed all down the left side of his body. It is the first chance I have had to go and visit him. When I get there he has had some good news and has been able to move his left leg a little during the mornings physio. Although Bobby is extremely ill and has a long way to go to make recovery, I am pleased to see that he is in good spirits and is even cracking jokes with his girlfriend. I drive back to the studio feeling better about Bobby now that I have seen him. Before his illness, Bobby had been working with some of the U.K.’s leading comedians such as Ricky Gervais and Frank Skinner etc. There is talk of me joining them for a benefit concert at Hammersmith Odeon. When I arrive at the studio the track is sounding great. Craig has been adding some distortion to he bass in the verses by using a Ratt guitar pedal, very Sisters Of Mercy, very Craig Adams. We break off from the sessions at 6 o’clock so that George and Martin can give their ‘ears’ a rest. We head off to Reading for a film at the cinema followed by a curry in Henley afterwards.