Blog: Mike Peters ‘Under Attack’ Recording Diary Entry #51

Day Fifty One : Monday 22nd July 2005

Run off the mix of ‘Zero’ and then Craig records bass on ‘Few And Far Between’. We then move onto ‘This Is Life [Get Used To It]. I recorded an acoustic track with the microphone at one end of the room which sounded great. I then added another acoustic track with a capo on the second fret so that I could play the song with different inversions of the chords. We then spent a long time trying to find the right guitar part / sound for the song. It wasn’t easy and in the end we settled for a variation of parts that would work to colour the lyrics. I sang the song in the control room rather than in the overdub booth using a stage microphone with the backing track blasting out of the big speakers. Great fun. James added some more guitars and I put down a clipped rhythm part using my Telecaster. We decided to do the backing vocals in the morning as we had been at it a long time today. No point in burning ourselves out now.