Gathering 20 – 2012

If you had your photo taken by the MPO photographer, it should be here somewhere.

The photos cover the whole length of The Gathering, from the setup and rehearsals, to the LHS walkathon and signing session on Sunday (there are still a few to be added!).

If you are on one of the photos and wish to download it, the instructions on how to do this are at the bottom of this news story.

Photos courtesy of MPO (Dr Ian Clarke, Andy Labrow, Jeff Pitt, Oli Powell).

Setup and Rehearsals

Friday – (Welcome / Simon Fowler / Acoustic Alarm / The Absolute Worst / The Last Republic)

Saturday – (Alarm coach tour / Guitar & Clothes show / Vinyl preview / Mastermind)

Saturday – The Alarm

Sunday – (LHS Walkathon and signing session)

All the photos in our flickr galleries are available to download at high resolution.