Gathering Concierge: Simon Williams

Got questions? Simon, our Concierge is available before and during the Gathering for questions that may not be answered by this website. Ask away!

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Q. What time are the doors open?
A.  Doors for the main concerts will be 7.00pm on Friday & Saturday.  And 10.30am Saturday and Sunday morning for convention and Gathering Rocks.

Q. Will there be an opportunity to get memorabilia signed?
A.   There will be time Sunday morning to get memorabilia signed. Its the relaxing, chill out part of the weekend.

Q. I’m travelling on the Friday, what time will Mike be on?
A.  We advise you to be there for about 8.30pm.

Q. Is there a shop nearby where photos can be enlarged in say an hour? Just in case I take an immense pic of MP on the Friday and want to get him to sign it on the Sunday.
A. Boots have an instant photo kiosk. Short walk from the venue

Q. Is there any food available in the venue?
A. Yes there is food served on site. You can book a meal in the restaurant which overlooks the sea

Q. Will there be a barrier in front of the stage? I know there wasn’t last year, but noticed on the DVD from the year before there was.
A.  There will be no barrier this year.

Q. Will it be possible to come and go from the venue on the Saturday?
A. Hi Jo, yes you will be able to come and go as you please. Don’t stay away too long though, you may miss something.

Q. Is there a cloakroom.
A. There will be somewhere to hang your coats in the venue. It will be free of charge and we will trust you all to only take your coat away, and not than shiny new one next to it.

Q. hi simon. Was wondering about the station at Llandudno. it says I cant travel back on Sunday as no trains run. it says they run from Llandudno junction ? Are they close to each other?
A. It’s a short taxi ride of about 3.5 miles   Or maybe there maybe someone else who can give you a lift or share a taxi with as there will be a few people in the same position.

Q. Does Venue Cymru have wi-fi access. Cheers, Bob
A. Hi Bob, the venue does have wi-fi access but there is a small charge or £2 per 24 hours. If you use the cafe bar for drinks etc, you get 30 mins for free. However, most networks report very good 3G coverage throughout Llandudno. Simon.

Q. Hi Simon, is it much of a walk from the railway station to the gig? David.
A.  Hi there David, Here is a link to show the walking distance from the railway station to Venue Cymru. It’s about ½mile, so about 10 minutes walk

Q. I’ve never been to Llandudno before, how far is it from the station to The Grand Hotel. Thanks. Sue.
A.  Hi Sue, most hotels and the venue are within a 20 minute walk of the station. Here is a Google Map of the walk to The Grand. But there is also a taxi rank at the railway station. Simon.

Q. What airport is it best to fly to?
A. It’s best to use Manchester Airport as there are regular trains to Llandudno from the Manchester Airport Train Station.

Q. How am I best getting my train tickets in advance?
A. If you use you can book your tickets and have them sent anywhere in the world for £7.50.  Alternatively they offer a service where you can pick the tickets up from a self service ticket machine in the airport train station. You need your booking credit/debit card and booking reference.