Gig: 12/11/1989, The Alarm, Orono, ME

12/11/1989: The Alarm, Orono, ME

Show cancelled because of trajedy in mike’s family
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was a student at the University of Maine at the time,
and I was actually supposed to do an interview of the
band before the show for the college radio station
that is there. Unfortunately, the interview, nor the
show ever took place because of a family emergency
that drew Mike back home to Wales (I’m sure you know
more of that then I do). I just remember being
disappointed that I missed that chance to meet ’em,
not to mention some friends of mine at the time just
had to kill me that there was rumor that in lieu of
the show, Twist and Sharpie actually ended up at some
local party and jammed. I dont know if that was true,
but it was like a dagger in the heart for a zealous
Alarm fan, that there was the ‘possibility’ that
actually occurred and I knew nothing of it. -KLM