Blog: Mike Peters ‘Under Attack’ Recording Diary Entry #38

Day Thirty Eight: Monday 11th July 2005

Finally get to the Doghouse Studios and it feels like home straight away. George and Barrie are there to meet me, Jules and Dylan. Barriemore Barlow is the owner and he once played drums for Jethro Tull back in the seventies. He is a great guy always full of jokes. The weather is beautiful, there is a swimming pool and a small football pitch laid out on the gardens and the River Thames flows past at the end of the garden where Barrie keeps his speed boat for trips to the pub further downstream. I’ve got a feeling we are going to have a great time. Martin arrives not long after me and he and George are starting to rig the control room so that we can play our computer through the amazing 1970’s Amek mixing desk which we all love. James arrives during the afternoon. The idea is that we are going to do a lot of guitars and vocals in the first week so Steve and Craig are not going to join us until next week. The first track we work on is ‘Superchannel’. We begin by recording my guitar part as demonstrated in the guide version we recorded at The Chapel. James records his parts next and he uses his 1976 Gibson Les Paul which sounds great through his Marshall ‘Plexi’ from 1966. The track is sounding brilliant. We have a feeling that we are going to lose the intro that we created at The Chapel as it feels a bit predictable now but this can wait. George and Martin, (‘George Martin’ as they are to be known from now on), have immediately got a great working rapport. George thinks we should work to complete a track rather than recording all the guitars and vocals in one big session for all the tracks. he feels that we should tackle each track as a ‘single’ and that way we will be able to stay fresh from start to finish. It’s a change from the way we were going to work, it will probably slow us down a bit, but it also should ensure that we get the best out of all the tracks we have recorded.