Blog: Mike Peters ‘Under Attack’ Recording Diary Entry #39

Day Thirty Nine: Tuesday 12th July 2005

The idea is that we start around 10/11 in the morning and then work to around the same time in the evening, allowing time for last orders at the pub. As always when you are recording an album, the best laid plans go out the window almost immediately. We end up working until about three in the morning as we get so into the guitar parts that we lose all track of time. Superchannel is sounding brilliant though. James spent a lot of time working up the guitar solo and I sang the vocal through a few times to get a good take. I put in a lot of work on the chorus. Initially it was going to be Oh’s, but I remember something Craig said “that it might be good to have a lyric at the end of the chorus line”. Finally it all comes together and we decide to listen to it in the morning before ‘printing’ the mix.