Blog: Mike Peters ‘Under Attack’ Recording Diary Entry #25

Day Twenty Five: Friday 24th June 2005

Today we set about making ‘This Is Life [Get Used To It]’ work. James and I spent an hour just working over the chords and seeing if we could accommodate a song of his within the framework. It took a few hours but finally we have the ‘ballad’ for the album. It’s not really a ballad but it is the ‘slowest’ song on the record. Something in the back of my mind is saying to me that an album title can be found in this song. The group arrangement came together really quickly but the main work was spent on making the intro work. Should we be all in from the top, or should it start out with me on acoustic and then save the band for later? That is the question that took a few hours to find an answer. Eventually we settled for a ‘solo’ start with the band coming in after the first chorus. Again, the potential for the lyric is intriguing me. Unfortunately, I can’t dwell on new lyric ideas for too long as we have a gig tomorrow at a festival in the North east and so we must rehearse a set.