Blog: Mike Peters ‘Under Attack’ Recording Diary Entry #26

Day Twenty Six: Monday 27th June 2005

Today, James gets stuck into guitars on ‘Cease and Desist’. It’s sounding great but we are having a few problems with the tuning. A lot of James Stevenson’s guitars are of the vintage variety and come from a variety of eras. Some from the 1950’s (The ‘Golden Age Of Guitars’) but mostly sixties and seventies. They all sound amazing but sometimes are hard to keep / stay in tune. We decide to call it a day at this point and send them all out to Gordon Markendale who is a local guitar instrument expert to be set up properly. This involves getting the guitars in tune with themselves and also in tune with our preferred tuning for the album, which means tuning all the instruments to D#. This has a number of benefits, it makes the band sound a bit heavier and also gives me some room to sing at full voice. James also takes some of the guitars to London as he has to go back for some business, leaving me to record my rhythm parts over the next few days.