Blog: Mike Peters ‘Under Attack’ Recording Diary Entry #27

Day Twenty Seven: Tuesday 28th June 2005

During the morning, Martin recorded my guitar parts on ‘Cease And Desist’ and ‘It’s Alright It’s O.K.’. During the afternoon we had a visit from J.J. Haggar. J.J. has been an invaluable friend to me and the band over the last four / five years. He was probably the first person to hear ’45 R.P.M.’ and it was J.J. who sent out the song to some of his D.J. friends under the ‘Poppy Fields’ moniker thus sowing the seeds for the whole ‘Poppy Fields’ scam of 2004. J.J. is currently working for a new rock magazine that is about to be launched in August called ‘Zero’, and has asked if we have a track for the cover mount CD which will go out with the first edition. We get chatting and it soon becomes clear that he is looking for something special. We talk about an unreleased live track or an acoustic medley of ‘Declaration’ as the magazine will be launched in the week of Alarmstock at Abbey Road. The problem is that the deadline for the finished CD is Monday 3rd of July. J.J. is a very persuasive person and before you know it, I’m offering to try and write a song called ‘Zero’ that they can use as a theme tune for the magazine website / cover mount CD. Once J.J. has left I think to myself I must be mad as there is a lot to be done with the album as it is, but you never know you set yourself these challenges and who knows what might happen. In the back of my mind I’m already thinking about the new song I was working up before ‘This Is Life’ on the 23rd of June. Anyway, I like taking on these challenges as sometimes you write a song that would never exist otherwise and that can only be a good thing, you can never have enough songs to choose from.