Blog: Mike Peters ‘Under Attack’ Recording Diary Entry #24

Day Twenty Four: Thursday 23rd June 2005

Craig came in early today to catch up on the bass guitar recording. He played bass on three tracks, ‘Be Still’, ‘It’s Alright It’s O.K.’ and ‘I Never Left I Only Went Away’. During the afternoon we tried to work in two more brand new songs. The first song was a new kind of ‘Drunk And Disorderly’ but it didn’t seem to work for the direction of this record. We tried it out in two ways first kind of ‘Drunk’ / ‘Spirit’ style, and when that wasn’t quite working we tried it out really fast and although both versions were good they both seemed not what we were looking for at this time. We then tried another one in a similar style but that didn’t seem to work either. I still think the songs are good and they will work again somewhere in the future. We decided not to push it too far and so Craig went back to recording his bass parts and I went out into the garden to look for more songs that would work. An hour later, I found a couple of interesting pieces and went into the rehearsal space and had a jam by myself with just an acoustic guitar and singing through the P.A.. After a while and trying various keys and with some changes to the chords here and there I think I may have found something. Suddenly out of nowhere I started singing a different song in the key of E with the lines “This is life, you’d better get used to it”. I think it came out of the frustration and earlier failures of not being able to make the other new songs work. Steve must have heard what I was doing as he came into the room and together we worked out an arrangement on my guitar and we recorded ourselves singing along. Now we have something positive for tomorrow.