Review: Superchannel Reviews

Scottish Journalist Billy Sloan piped-in today with a short review of “Superchannel” a song he will be playing on his radio show on his Clyde 1 radio show tonight at 7pm tonight:

” Superchannel by The Alarm – Mike Peters is in blistering form on this great single”

As well, a few fans who were able to hear the song have made comments such as these: (All real quotes)

�-the track blows your head off! 3 minutes of raw,energetic,fury – this band means business! (Great job guys) Absolutely fantastic!�

�OH MY GOD!!!! That is the most amazing single I have heard in ages!!�

�Best thing Mike’s done in ****iing years.�

“****! Holy mutha ****ing ****]!
(Sorry if the anti profanity program doesn’t kick in and any under-agers read this, but it just blew my godamn balls off!)”

Remember to pre-order the new singles so they will arrive for you the week of Feb 8th (the week of its release):

UK Fans

Superchannel CD1 was produced by George Wiliams (Babyshambles), Martin Wilding (Poppy Fields, Doves), the band themselves and mixed by Charlie Pakkarri at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles. The The extra tracks, ‘Exit [No Way Out]’ and ‘Over’, were cut at Elevator studios in Liverpool with recording engineer Sean Sinnott especially for release with ‘Superchannel’. Buy Here

Superchannel CD2 will feature another brand new recording entitled ‘Think Again [Everything You Know Is Wrong]. Buy Here

Superchannel 7″ Vinyl will be released as a special collectors print in white vinyl and feature another exclusive track (and Mike’s personal favourite), ‘The Thought Police’. Buy Here

Overseas Fans

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