Blog: Mike Peters ‘Under Attack’ Recording Diary Entry #12

Day Twelve: Tuesday 7 June 2005

There is still something missing from the guitar part on ‘Raindown’ so we get back to working it all out once more. We get something close by mid afternoon and again decide to leave it for another day and have another rethink. The best thing to do once an impasse has been reached is to move on to something fresh. We decide to get into a brand new song. ‘Cease and Desist’ is the title of the one I have chosen to have a run through. When we were on tour in Germany and ’45 R.P.M.’ was wrecking havoc around the world, James said to me that for the next album, we should have another ’45’ another ‘ Coming Home’ and another ‘Drunk and Disorderly’. ‘Cease And Desist’ written with this in mind. I can’t remember where I was when I wrote the song but it was created just before the ‘Poppy Fields’ album was released. It is a very fast song with a ‘trademark’ guitar intro, which I have shown to James. James takes the riff and elevates into a newer more exciting style. The chords move very fast in this song and it is supposed to be a classic 3 minute rocker. It comes together very fast. James again spots something in the post chorus hook line that I had not realized was there. He makes me sing the hook three times instead of two with the last note hitting the first, then the third and finally, the fifth. It is very exciting and catchy. We get the final arrangement together by 4 o’clock. Steve then concentrates on the drums until 9 before finishing for the day.