Blog: Mike Peters ‘Under Attack’ Recording Diary Entry #11

Day Eleven: Monday 6 June 2005

First job of the day is to record my acoustic guitars on ‘Menai Bridge’. The question is where do we record acoustic guitars? The first place that Martin and I try is inside the drum booth. I decide to try the part on the Gibson J200. Once Martin has a sound up and has hit record, I realize that the picking part of the intro is very difficult to perform. There are quite a few chord changes that are hard to get to especially as the piece is picked aswell. Most of the afternoon is taken up with this process and i don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Martin is not to happy with the sound either so we decide to abandon the attempt and concentrate on something else. James decides to have a go at playing electric guitar on ‘Raindown’. Again, this proves more difficult than we imagined. The problem is that the main ‘riff’ doesn’t work over the intro and with the chord phrasing and the distortion on the guitar we seem to be encountering a lot of tuning issues. It is quite frustrating working through all the various ideas only to see them not quite working in the way we had hoped. James sticks to the task at hand and with me interrupting him every few takes or so with some minor adjustment to the part we finally seem to be getting somewhere by the close of evening. We decide to call it a day and have a fresh listen in the morning.