White Noise

The creeds and the colours are out of control on the streets
And a strange kind of glory exists we are what we eat
A diet of violence and crime feed our screens every night
Society mirrors it, photocopies it, lives it as life

White Noise, a blinding light
White Noise, the only sound in the void
White Noise

A child grows up without seeing his own fathers eyes
And acts out revenge on his innocent mother at five
And the silent majority suffer white wash whiter than white
Right now the number one single says “Who Do You Think You Are?”

White Noise, a blinding light
White Noise, a deafening sound from the void
White noise

I wear an oxygen mask as I ride on the wheels of excess
Alcohol is pollution, I can watch without feeling oppressed
Newspapers are good for scraping the shit from my shoes
As they write it, breed it, distort it and sell it as news

White Noise, a blinding light
White Noise, a waveform that sounds in the void

This poison’s a snakebite nobody can suck from my veins
The antidote treated as venom as it reaches my brain
This is shock treatment, shock treatment
I scream but I can’t hear my voice

White Noise, A blinding light
White Noise, a sonic emission in the void
White noise