The Alarm Christmas Gathering CD / DVD Collection is available to order now.

Mike Peters and The Alarm release the brand new Live CD / DVD Collection – The Alarm Christmas Gathering.

The Alarm Christmas Gathering CD / DVD Collection is available to order now and features all the music and film from the Christmas Gathering Concert broadcast around the world last year.

Ever since the broadcast was first shared via Moment House, has been inundated with requests for this amazing and unique concert to be officially released on CD and DVD, and so the time has come to present the concert in both visual and audio formats, along with a unique Alarm ‘Seasons Greetings’ Card signed by Mike Peters.

The DVD features all the music content and more from the original broadcast presented by Jules Peters with over 17 live Alarm in-studio performances along with intimate acoustic tracks from the Jukebox stage by Mike Peters.

The Alarm Christmas Gathering looks and sounds amazing on wide screen TV’s with the volume turned up, and is the perfect accompaniment for Christmas House Parties and New Year Gatherings anywhere in the world.

NB: The DVD has been encoded as a REGION FREE / NTSC format that can be played anywhere around the globe.

The Audio CD features The Alarm’s live in-studio performances, including 17 classic Alarm tracks and the now legendary cover of the Bee Gees Staying Alive. Perfect to be played at full volume in the car or on the home stereo during the festive season.

NB: The music from The Christmas Gathering CD will not be released digitally so is only available on CD from The Twenty First Century Recording Company.

The complete DVD / CD track listing is listed below (CD only tracks marked in Red):

(00:00) 01 Introduction by Jules Peters
(03:33) 03 Studio Link
(03:52) 04 MARCHING ON [The Alarm]
(08:40) 06 SIXTY EIGHT GUNS [The Alarm]
(13:44) 07 Studio Link
(14:31) 08 WALK FOREVER BY MY SIDE [Video / Mike Peters Acoustic]
(22:49) 09 Studio Link
(23:20) 10 SPIRIT OF ’76 [The Alarm]
(30:01) 11 RESCUE ME [The Alarm]
(31:51) 12 HAPPY XMAS [WAR IS OVER] [The Alarm]
(34:47) 13 Studio Link
(35:16) 14 HISTORY REPEATING [The Alarm Video]
(40:00) 15 Studio Link
(40:11) 16 BEAUTIFUL [The Alarm]
(43:07) 17 THE STAND [The Alarm]
(46:30) 18 Studio Link
(47:27) 19 SNOW IN THE WINTERTIME [The Alarm]
(52:08) 20 Studio Link
(52:22) 21 BREATHE [The Alarm]
(57:21) 22 STRENGTH [The Alarm]
(1:00:53) 23 Studio Link to Jukebox Stage
(1:01:51) 24 ALL AROUND THE WORLD IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME [Mike Peters Acoustic]
(1:04:24) 25 Studio Link
(1:04:37) 26 SUPERCHANNEL [The Alarm]
(1:07:44) 27 MY TOWN [The Alarm]
(1:11:12) 28 Studio Link to Jukebox Stage
(1:11:58) 29 MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE [Mike Peters Acoustic]
(1:13:58) 30 Studio Link
(1:14:41) 31 EVERAFTER [The Alarm Video]
(1:18:25) 32 Studio Link
(1:18:36) 33 TWO RIVERS [The Alarm]
(1:24:14) 34 Studio Link to Jukebox Stage
(1:24:21) 35 LOVE HOPE AND STRENGTH [Mike Peters Acoustic]
(1:26:02) 36 Studio Link
(1:26:50) 37 BLAZE OF GLORY [The Alarm]
(1:29:59) 38 45 RPM [The Alarm]
(1:33:31) 39 Studio Link
(1:34:01) 40 DRESSING ROOM DISCO [Video]
(1:36:01) 41 STAYING ALIVE [The Alarm]
(1:40:01) 42 OUTRO with The Alarm
(1:40:30) 43 CREDITS
(1:41:33) END

The Alarm Christmas Gathering CD / DVD Collection is available to order now.

Alarm fans spending over £50 in the store from 1800 on October 31st until midnight December 31st 2021 (excluding Gathering Tickets), will also qualify for a ‘Free’ copy of a limited edition CD single Time To Start Over!


Time To Start Over! is the brand new Alarm song written by Mike Peters and produced by George Williams.

The CD Single also features an unreleased electro-acoustic version of Thirteen Dead Reindeer as recorded by Mike Peters and The Alarm.

Time To Start Over! by The Alarm will be officially released on November 5th 2021 as a limited edition 7” Vinyl and CD single.