2021 – In The Poppy Fields… I remember

As 2021 draws to a close, we are pleased to announce that the first two copies of the In The Poppy Fields Bond 5 LP Vinyl Collection have been despatched to all who have taken the plunge and ordered the Limited Edition 5 LP set. (Editions 3,4 and 5 will follow soon in 2022).

To celebrate this brand new vinyl release, we invite all fans to take a trip through an Alarm internet time warp back to 2004 and visit www.inthepopyfields.com and surf through this reconstructed website as it would have looked back in the days when the In The Poppy Fields album was about to hit record stores around the world.

This is the modern era Alarm masterpiece that created the foundation for a second generation of Alarm music and classic songs such as Close, Right Back Where I Started From, The Rock and Roll, Swansong, The Normal Rules Do Not Apply, All Seeing, New Home New Life, Raindown, 45 RPM, The Unexplained, Trafficking, When Everything Was Perfect, The Drunk and The Disorderly, Be Still, Peace Agreement, Edward Henry Street, Coming Home, True Life, Free Inside and the immortal title track In The Poppy Fields, to name but a few.

This is the music that forged a new future for The Alarm heralded by the subterfuge of the Poppy Fields / 45 Rpm single release and subsequent news furore that broke around the world and the music still sounds as fresh now as when it was recorded back in 2002/03 and distributed once a month to fans via www.thealarm.com

It was a monumental undertaking to write, record and release so much music (54 Songs), in four months but it drove Mike Peters to write some of his greatest songs and inspire the band to give some incredible Alarm studio performances.

The In The Poppy Fields album that was released in 2004 was a twelve song set produced by the legendary Steve Brown featuring titles voted for by fans who had purchased copies of the five album 54 song In The Poppy fields Bond which was written and recorded over a 5 month period in 2002/03. The songs in this release were generally re-recorded and or remixed from the original Bond recordings and is also available to order here.

The www.inthepopyfields.com website was originally constructed by webmaster Steve Fulton and populated on a daily basis by Mike Peters as he documented the creative process and recordings sessions that gave birth to the In The Poppy Fields Bond. At the time the World Wide Web was still very much in its infancy and shows how far out in front The Alarm were in terms of using this digital platform to make full use of the possibilities presented.

This back to the future website www.inthepoppyfields.com is exactly as it was left in 2004 but rewired to work with todays web browsers.

The In The Poppy Fields Vinyl Collection is available to order here.

In The Poppy Fields Bond 20th Anniversary LP Release – Available to Order Now

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Mike Peters and the The Alarm’s groundbreaking modern era masterpiece – In The Poppy Fields Bond,The Twenty First Century Recording Company is proud to announce – for the first time ever on ultra limited edition coloured vinyl – the LP release of all 5 titles from the In The Poppy Fields Bond Collection along with the resurrection of The Alarm Record Collectors Club.

In The Poppy Fields Bond 5 X LP Coloured Vinyl Collection is available to order now exclusively via www.thealarm.com

Membership to the Alarm Record Collectors Club begins when ordering the first release – In The Poppy Fields Bond – 20th Anniversary Coloured Vinyl Collection. (There is no signing up fee or obligation to purchase).
The Alarm Record Collectors Club will provide the platform for the release of a host of further ultra limited edition Mike Peters and The Alarm albums that have never been pressed on to Vinyl before (see below for further information).

The In The Poppy Fields Bond – 20th Anniversary Coloured Vinyl Collection features all five original album titles as released in 2002/3 which will be shipped (just like the original 2002/03 release), one album, per month from December 2021 onwards, beginning with the release of Close this December followed by The Normal Rules Do Not Apply (January), Trafficking (February), and then Edward Henry Street and Coming Home (March).
(NB: In The Poppy Fields – Edward Henry Street comes free when ordering the In The Poppy Fields Bond Coloured Vinyl Collection – again just like the original).
IN THE POPPY FIELDS – CLOSE (Red Vinyl – Dec 2021)
Alone Together
In The Beauty Of My Surroundings
Right Back Where I Started From
The Rock And Roll
All Seeing
The Life You Seek Does Not Exist
With Friends Like You Who Needs Enemies
The Normal Rules Do Not Apply
New Home New Life
Rain Down
When You Can’t Have What Everybody Else Has
How Long And How Much Longer (Feat. Bruce Watson of Big Country)
45 RPM
I Never Left I Only Went Away
My Defences
The Unexplained
Federal Motor Voter
The Search For The Real Life
When Everything Was Perfect
The Drunk And The Disorderly
Be Still
It Happens
The Terms And Conditions
Peace Agreement
Edward Henry Street
   The Crescent
   Edward Henry Street
   The Sea
   Waiting For The Summer
   Land Of Hope And Glory
   Bank Holiday Weekend
   Mercenary Skank
   Up Downtown
   In You I See The World
   Lazy Dayz
   Where Have The Good Times Gone
   It’s Going To Be A Good Year
Coming Home
The Innocent Party
Safe Houses
True Life
You’re Only Your [And Innocent] Once
Few And Far Between
Free Inside
Festival Of Light
In The Poppy Fields
The price for ordering the 5 x LP In the Poppy Fields Bond LP Coloured Vinyl Collection is £99 (plus postage to allow for the LP’s to be sent out once a month), and will include a FREE Clear Vinyl copy of  In The Poppy Fields – Edward Henry Street which will be dispatched (again just like the original), with the release of In The Poppy Fields – Coming Home.
Future Alarm Record Collector Club releases will include:
Under Attack
Counter Attack (4 x LP Collection plus 7″ EP)
Guerilla Tactics
Direct Action
Vinyl Soundtrack (Double LP pressed on to yellow vinyl)
and other titles such as Feel Free and Rise to be announced in due course.
Alarm Record Collectors Club Members will be notified of future releases as they become available via email, which will contain a private pre-order link allowing 30 days to purchase before general release.
All the individual titles in The Alarm Record Collectors Club Series will be pre-sold to members exclusively for a period of 30 days at a members’ discount price of approx. £22.50 (single LP) / £26.99 (Dbl.) , with any remaining copies placed on general release and / or distributed into the retail sector.
Membership begins when ordering any title in the series, and continues with each album announcement that follows, providing savings to members going forward. (Nb: There is no signing up fee or obligation to purchase).
Once a title is announced beyond the record collectors club circle, Individual LP copies will retail at approx. £24.99 (single LP) / £29.99 (Dbl.), so club members will make considerable savings by pre-ordering further titles as they are announced.
(NB: Ongoing prices of future titles are approximate due to the Global Vinyl Shortage  / Demand and fluctuating pricing by vinyl record manufacturing plants as are postage costs which are constantly changing because of Brexit and distribution pressures caused by the pandemic in general).
The In The Poppy Fields 5 LP Coloured Vinyl Collection.
All five of the original album titles are released on coloured vinyl with each of the 54 original recordings packaged in faithfully recreated LP Sleeves that reflect the original artwork and design of the 2002/03 CD only releases.
With this new vinyl release, fans can experience these recordings on vinyl for the first time ever, an experience that has been dreamt and wished for by so many for such a long time.
Order your collection now and become part of The Alarm Record Collectors Club and an ongoing new adventure in Mike Peters and The Alarm vinyl releases.