Strength Tour – Scandinavia 2015 is pleased to announce that Mike Peters will take the Alarm Strength Tour to Scandinavia this May 2015.

This time around there will dates in Denmark and Sweden alongside the Norwegian dates which includes a return to Herr Nilsen in Oslo which sold out on last years Declaration tour and was a very memorable night indeed.

20/5 Mojo København Denmark Tickets
21/5 Garaget Avesta [Stockholm] Sweden Tickets
22/5 Hamar Sportsbar Hamar Norway Tickets
23/5 Havkroa Smøla Norway Tickets
25/5 Herr Nilsen Oslo Norway Tickets
27/5 Madame Felle Bergen Norway Tickets
28/5 Pikant Førde Norway Tickets
29/5 Kysten Bar Florø Norway Tickets
30/5 Bøen Gard Gjerdsvika Ålesund Norway Tickets

Mike Peters Presents The Alarm – Strength 30th Anniversary Tour 2015

“Give Me Love, Give Me Hope, Give Me Strength” – The opening words from The Alarm’s 1985 UK / US Top 40 hit song ‘Strength’ which gave its name to the band’s career best selling album that will celebrate it’s 30th anniversary in 2015.

Following on from the hugely popular ‘Declaration Tour 2014’, Mike Peters one man band ‘Alarm’ show will present the follow up – ‘Strength’ in a similar contemporary style featuring performance, stories and images to honour the legacy the band’s music left on the decade it helped define and the continuing significance it holds for listeners who can still relate to it’s timeless themes of love, hope and strength.

Packed with powerful yet personal songs like the autobiographical ‘Spirit Of ‘76’ and ‘Walk Forever By My Side’, ‘Strength’ went on to become The Alarm’s best selling album of the 1980’s charting in the Top 40 on both sides of the Atlantic. This is The Alarm record that brings together for the first time, the aforementioned themes of love, hope and strength now so synonymous with Mike Peters and his long running battle against cancer.

30 years on from the original release of ‘Strength’, Mike Peters still has so much to live for, After twenty years living with cancer his songs of love hope and strength have taken on greater meaning and the defiance of his words from the ‘Spirit Of ‘76’ ring truer than ever. “I will never give in until the day that I die.
 I’ll get myself some independence, carve out a future with my two bare hands”.