Strength – An Oral History Updated [Part Thirteen]

March 9th 1986 The Alarm Amherst, Ma.

“The Alarm which also includes guitarist Dave Sharp and bass player Eddie Macdonald is on the road with Benatar for a select number of dates through the beginning of next month. The group is also playing some solo concerts, including a Tuesday night show at Rutgers University in New Brunswick. “Certain places, where the [Benatar] tour was offered, all the tickets were gone,’ says Peters. ‘And we didn’t want to disappoint our fans, so we chose not to do those particular shows. “Barbara Jaeger The Record – Sunday, March 9, 1986


“The tour has been going very good, excellent, in fact. ” Mike Peters,   The Record – Sunday, March 9, 1986

March 10th 1986 The Alarm Giant Center, Hershey, PA with Pat Benatar
March 11th 1986 The Alarm Rutgers University, NJ

– Mike Peters Diary Entry



March 12th 1986 The Alarm Day Off

– Mike Peters Diary Entry

March 13th 1986 The Alarm Capitol Center Largo, MD with Pat Benatar

– Mike Peters Diary Entry

March 14th 1986 The Alarm Lafayette College, PA
March 15th 1986 The Alarm Williamsburg, VA with Pat Benatar
March 16th 1986 The Alarm Greensboro, NC with Pat Benatar
March 17th 1986 The Alarm Des Moines, IA
March 19th 1986 The Alarm DeKalb, IL with Pat Benatar
March 20th 1986 The Alarm Omaha, Nebraska

By the time The Alarm had made to Omaha opening for Pat Benatar, it appeared that they were on the top of the world.   Their well received opening slot was turning out to be a great ticket seller and morale booster for the band.

“We relish every moment in this group. We’re doing something that probably every single person that ever lived has wanted to do.” -Mike Peters,  Omaha World-Herald (NE) – Sunday, March 16, 1986

March 21st 1986 The Alarm University Lawrence, KS
March 23rd 1986 The Alarm Rainbow Theatre, Denver, CO

– Mike Peters Diary Entry



March 24th 1986 The Alarm Alburquerque, NM
March 25th 1986 The Alarm Pheonix, AZ with Pat Benatar


“When the stint with Benatar comes to a close, The Alarm will take a 10-day break to prepare for a concert that will be televised worldwide, live by satellite, on April 12. Then, they’ll begin a tour of their own.” –  CHERYL WENNER, The Morning Call  Friday, March 14, 1986

March 26th 1986

– Mike Peters Diary Entry

March 27th 1986

– Mike Peters Diary Entry



– Photo Mike Peters on way to UCLA for photo shoot.


– Photo The Alarm at UCLA (Photo by Harry Murlowski)

“After the UCLA photo shoot, Eddie Macdonald and I got taken to Paramount Studios, to see a very rough ‘black and white’ cut of ‘Ferris Beullers Day Off’ which was a John Hughes film. We had been invited with the view of writing a song for the soundtrack. The brief we were given was, that unlike his other movies (such as ‘The Breakfast Club’), John Hughes wanted an original soundtrack of brand new music that was going to be produced by Arthur Baker. New Order (who were already making an album with Arthur Baker), were in the frame and various other groups who were popular at the time. I didn’t really get what the film was about as the rough cut was in fact ‘very rough’ and a lot of it was silent. You got the idea though and we went away ready to take up the challenge” – Mike Peters

– Photo from the UCLA production meeting at IRS Records. Dave Salt – Guitar Tech, Les Midgeley (upright) Merchandise. Nigel Twist (On desk).
– Photo from the UCLA production meeting at IRS Records. Unknown hand inserting a fish into the stage mock up.

March 28th 1986 The Alarm Seattle, WA with Pat Benatar
March 29th 1986 The Alarm Spokane, WA with Pat Benatar
March 31st 1986 The Alarm Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR with Pat Benatar

– Mike Peters Diary Entry

April 1st 1986 The Alarm Vancouver, Canada with Pat Benatar

– Mike Peters Diary Entry


– Mike Peters Smash Hits ‘Strength’ Self Portrait 1986

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