SIGMA Reviews / Midsummer Gathering / The Killers / Sky TV and a personal message from Mike Peters

The brand new Alarm album  Sigma, is currently receiving some of the best reviews in Alarm history (see below), and to keep up the momentum, is urging all Alarm fans to get out to their local record store, especially during this exciting first week of release, and pick up a copy of the CD/LP and/or order online. Fans are also urged to check out the brand new Sigma inspired Ultimate Alarm Playlist on Spotify and also to take the time to discover ∑ Sigma on  iTunes, Deezer, Tidal and Qobuz etc. You can order The Alarm ∑ Sigma here now.

Following the Midsummer Gathering at the Aftershow, we asked Mike for a few words about there weekend so PLEASE READ THIS PERSONAL MESSAGE FROM MIKE PETERS

“It’s been an incredible first weekend for ∑ Sigma”, says Mike Peters. “The social media buzz around the release day was immense and fuelled by some of the best reviews The Alarm has ever had and then, when Brandon Flowers and The Killers performed ‘Rain In The Summertime’ at Cardiff Castle, it sent our twitter feed and Facebook pages into overdrive. I did get to meet the band after the show and we talked about all things Alarm. Brandon Flowers even had me sign his personal copy of Sigma (see photo). Ronnie Vannucci Jr. the drummer, spent the evening talking with Smiley about (you guessed it drums!!!), and was particularly interested in the 45 RPM / Poppy Fields escapade. 

Massive thanks and respect to Brandon Flowers and all of The Killers crew who were so gracious to us, and also to James Dean Bradfield of the Manic Street Preachers who we met up with in the hotel bar after our amazing Midsummer Gathering event that had coincided with the Manics being at Cardiff Castle and apart from being the singer of my favourite Welsh band he is also a knowledgeable Alarm fan, who first saw us in 1986 at St. David’s Hall. 

The Midsummer Gathering in Cardiff was off the scale with the Morriston Orpheus and Dave Sharp taking part in a very uplifting and emotional evening that highlighted what a special and unique history The Alarm has written.

I think we can all be proud of the way we have stayed together and helped to create a vibrant, open and creative community that allows the band to honour its past while moving into the future at the same time. This is the force that flows through our music, and why it is so important to myself and the band that the new album ∑ Sigma has already burst into life, and looks like being acknowledged in certain quarters, as containing some of The Alarm’s best ever work. Certainly when I played ‘Psalm’ last night at Cardiff University, it felt like the lyrics already belonged and had been accepted as such. “I’D RATHER   DIE….. THAN SURRENDER”.

It really does feel like ∑ Sigma could quite possibly be ‘The’ Alarm album that  brings all the pieces of our colourful past together, with our beckoning future, especially with Dave Sharp making such a stellar guitar contribution to ‘Equals’, and Billy Duffy adding colour and sound to the ‘Blood Red Viral Black’. The Alarm’s time feels like it is once again RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, and as the lyrics of the song ‘Two Rivers (Reprise)’ state “the only thing that matter is what you leave behind when you reach the end.” This is our legacy…. let’s own it together.”

Mike Peters – Sunday 30th June 2019.

Photo by Stuart Ling taken at Cardiff University Great Hall 29th June 2019

At 8:45AM on Monday morning July 1st, Mike Peters will  appear live on Sky TV News’ Flagship Morning Show Sunrise, talking about ∑ Sigma, the forthcoming US tour and the dramatic backstory behind the new album’s creation. 

∑ Sigma is already receiving a superb critical reception both at home and abroad:

“Sigma is sparked by the quality and breadth of Peter’s songwriting, rich, heavy on melody and with lyrics dripping with life…”  – Classic Rock Magazine

Overflowing with poignant, passionate numbers, “The Alarm’s Sigma is full of vim… heartfelt and affirming.”. The Independent

“Staunchly anthemic arena rock from The Alarm.” The Guardian

“Featuring contributions from The Cult’s Billy Duffy and ex-Gen X guitarist James Stevenson, it’s a storming set of arena-sized songs.”  **** Record Collector 

“Uplifting….. The Alarm have released an album for tomorrow.” 8/10 Vive Le Rock

“The Alarm’s stellar Sigma bristles, soars and flat out rocks with a collection of heartfelt and infectious originals that equal the band’s best efforts from the ’80s and ’90s.”… Rock and Roll Truth

“Refreshing, engaging, and catchy…..Sigma is yet another vessel of The Alarm’s affecting music.” Cryptic Rock

“Sigma is the genre-smashing new album from Mike Peters and The Alarm.” 8Bit Rocket

“If you enjoyed ‘Equals’ last year, you’ll like this one just as much. Despite the trials and tribulations that both ‘Equals’ and ‘Sigma’ documents, Mike Peters marches on with genuine passion, determination and enthusiasm.” Uber Rock

Throughout the week of release, the UK Record Store Tour will once again see Mike Peters travel the length and breadth of the country, with lots of exciting news to be released each and every day of the tour.

On Monday July 1st, following on from the Sky TV Interview, Mike Peters will be paying live and signing copies of ∑ Sigma at the HMV Store, Birmingham, again at 5:30 PM. He will also make a welcome return to Longwell Records near Bristol for a session at 1730 on July 3rd then on to HMV Manchester for a Thursday July 4th appearance at 17:30.

∑ Sigma is available on LP and CD, and all Alarm fans attending the UK Record Store Tour will also be able to have copies personally signed by Mike Peters.  Everyone attending will have the opportunity to meet and hear Mike perform up close and acoustic and take part in a live Q &A.

The Official Alarm Facebook page will be hosting various ‘live’ broadcasts throughout the Release / Record Store Tour week, so fans from all around the world can tune in and take part in the ∑ Sigma release celebrations.


Order The Alarm ∑ Sigma here now.