Review: Change

***** (= 5 out of 5 stars)
“You are hereby warned: The Alarm will become one of the leading rockbands
in the 90’s. If you don’t want to sit notknowing with your beard in the
mailbox you should invest in the Change – album immediately and learn all
of the 12 tunes (14 on cd) by heart before advent starts. The Alarm are no
longer U2-copyists. Their last LP, In the eye of the hurricane, was just a
middlestation to Change – an LP that builds directly on the group’s musical
roots. And the roots are closer to 50’s rock than people have been aware of
? – the undersigned included.

While U2 had to go on pilgrim-tour to the US searching for roots they never had, The Alarm just dug up their own. This reflects in one great song after another:
Sold me down the river is an explosive opening. Devolution working man blues gets the record really going. Change 11 makes it impossible not to turn the LP, and the final A new South Wales makes you want to listen to the entire record one more time.
This is strong work that we seldom see, from a band that still believes in rock’n roll without technical effects.

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