Gig: 12/11/1987, The Alarm, The Roxy, Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles

12/11/1987: The Alarm, The Roxy, Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles


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That show was great! We waited in line at the Roxy at around 6 a.m. the show was at noon …hung out with other Alarm fans… of course The Roxy was packed when they took the stage…the energy was great…if I remember correctly their set only consisted of “pre-hurricane” songs…I’m an avid concert goer…seen 100’s of different bands…The Alarm tops my list of live bands…they brought an energy and a warmth to their performances …KROQ lost me… I still listen at times… It’s almost a metal station now …(maybe I’m getting old but Metallica on KROQ?) …Our Lady Peace is the best live band I’ve seen in a long time… I wasn’t a big fan but when I saw them live a few years ago I was blown away… great energy and, like the Alarm, they have heart… check them out if you get a chance…