Welsh rockers The Alarm have pulled off an amazing chart comeback by
entering the top 40 for the first time since 1990 with their new single

However, The Alarm, who can lay claim to 14 Top 50 singles, and album
sales of over 5 million worldwide, took the unusual step of releasing
their new hit single as The Poppyfields.

Many might have considered the move to be commercial suicide, but the
reason behind the decision to release the ’45RPM’ single under a
pseudonym came about while the band were recording demos for the band’s
forthcoming new album, titled ‘In The Poppyfields’.

The Alarm’s lead singer, Mike Peters, explains, “We thought we’d send
the demo for ’45RPM’ to a few radio stations, but made out it was a new
band so we could get some honest feedback. The reaction was so good that we
were blown away! However, we were sure the reaction wouldn’t have been
so positive if they knew it was The Alarm.

We noticed that a lot of bands suffered when they attempt comebacks
because people generally don’t believe they can ever be as good as they
once were. We wanted to make sure that we are judged purely on the
strength of the music, and not by our old hairstyles!”

With ’45RPM’ entering the Top 40 on Sunday, Mike has decided to come
clean, “We’ve proved a point to ourselves more than anything, and in
doing so we’re back in the charts. It’s amazing really and I’d really
like to thank all the people who have supported ’45RPM’ at radio and
press across the country, and all the people who have bought it. ”

The Alarm will release another single – this time as The Alarm – and
will play more live dates across the UK before releasing a new album,
‘In The Poppyfields’, in April on the Snapper Music label.

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