Only The Thunder

All I want is someone to believe in
But in who to believe is hard to define
When some say “the future is unwritten”
Some say “the simple things in life are the best”
When all is dark and dusty down the tracks
And all paths from exile have roadblocks on all points
Saying “No, No way out of here, go back from where you came from”

And some say “when you’re down you fight the hardest”
Some tighten the belt others let go
Someone once said, “if you don’t ask you don’t receive”
Someone showed me that written down in the back of a book
And as I reach out and see my life unfold
I tell you this because I truly believe in it
“Ask and you’ll receive my friend, seek and you shall find”

Only the thunder knows what drives a man in his darkest throes
Fortune and poverty they’re oh so close. ONLY THE THUNDER

And some say “everything must have a reason”
Some say “everything will one day soon come to pass”
Some say “that’s life, that’s the way the cards fall”
Someone once said “the answer’s blowin’ in the wind”
And the word I seek to answer all my questions
Is written down on everything I see
It’s in the words written on the subway walls
The sounds filling the concert halls.

I know you’re out there in this world my friend
I know I’ll find you
I’ll be searching all night through the thunder and rain
One day I’ll find you