Offa’s Dyke Rocks 2021 – Support LHS and take the virtual challenge with Mike and Jules Peters

Offa’s Dyke Rocks – May 23 – June 3rd 2021

Mike and Jules Peters will be taking on the Love Hope Strength – Offa’s Dyke hike challenge, a 177 mile trek along the Welsh-English border, from Sunday 23rd May to Thursday 3rd June, and LHS is asking for your support!!

Mike and Jules  had originally planned to take on the challenge with 40 Love Hope Strength supporters, but due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions they are now taking on the challenge as a sponsored walk with participants taking part virtually by walking in their own neighbourhoods.

If you register for one of the 4 virtual participant packages and raise or donate over $100 / £75 you will receive a limited-edition Love Hope Strength Offa’s Dyke Rocks t-shirt.

Offa’s Dyke: a virtual hike!

You too can take part in Offa’s Dyke Rocks – the virtual hike – for free by undertaking any one of these four challenges::

  1. 10,000 steps on 4 of the 12 days over Offa’s Dyke Rocks (between Saturday 22nd May and Saturday 5th June)
  2. 10,000 steps every day (approximately 5 miles / 8 km) of the Offa’s Dyke Rocks Hike
  3. The whole distance – 177 miles (285 km) – in your own time, at your own pace, at a location of your choice
  4. Organise your own hike to coincide with the Offa’s Dyke Rocks, or later in the summer

There are over 17 million new cases of cancer worldwide (2018), which means almost 1.5 million people every month are diagnosed with cancer every month.

The aim of Offa’s Dyke Rocks is to complete a collective challenge to raise money for Love Hope Strength’s lifesaving and life-changing cancer care grants and support schemes. Despite not being together as a collective, something very powerful can still be achieved. Together the Love Hope Strength / Alarm community can walk 1.5 million steps (750 miles) – a step for every person diagnosed with cancer across the globe during the month of May – to get one step closer to helping create a better world for people affected by cancer.

Mike and Jules will walk approximately 354,000 steps each over their 12-day hike; together they will walk an estimated 708,000 steps, 354 miles.

Can you register to be part of the virtual challenge to hit a collective target of 1.5million steps? 

If you register for one of the 4 virtual participant packages you will:

  • Be included in a closed ‘virtual hikers’ WhatsApp group, receiving regular motivational messages from Mike and Jules Peters and other hikers
  • Be invited to join special music moments provided by Mike Peters along the Offa’s Dyke trail via The Alarm Central
  • If you register for one of the 4 virtual participant packages and raise or donate over $100 / £75 you will receive a limited-edition Love Hope Strength Offa’s Dyke Rocks t-shirt.

Offa’s Dyke Rocks: raising money to support people affected by cancer

Offa’s Dyke Rocks virtual participants do not have to raise money, but one of the principle aims of Offa’s Dyke Rocks is to raise money so Love Hope Strength can continue to make a real difference to families affected by cancer, especially those in underprivileged communities.

The aim is to raise $12,000 ($1,000 / £750 a day) through the challenge. 100% of the funds raised will support new equipment and special projects in cancer centres in Tanzania, the UK and USA and it will support the work of our partner organisations: blood cancer non-profit DKMS, the Union for International Cancer Control and the World Cancer Research Fund.

Register your free place on this virtual hike now:

Can’t take part in the virtual walk? Show your support by donating towards Mike and Jules’ fundraising target.

If you’re unable to take part in Offa’s Dyke Rocks in some way, be part of the challenge by sponsoring Mike and Jules Peters.

If you’re in the UK, please donate here now:

If you’re in the USA, please donate here now:

A message from Mike Peters

“I very much believe that cancer isn’t just a critical health issue, it’s a human issue that touches all of us. As you know, I live with leukaemia and Jules faced a breast cancer diagnosis just a few years ago. Having received early diagnoses and excellent care ourselves, we’ve long been advocates of ensuring that others can reduce their risks of cancer and benefit from early detection and quality treatment. We work closely with Love Hope Strength’s professional partner organisations so we know that the money we raise through Love Hope Strength events and activities has a real impact on people that need our support.

“This hike is not just about raising money, it’s also about setting a tough personal challenge and encouraging other people to do so too. Jules and I have seen the benefits – in both health and spirit – from walking and talking, and I hope we’re able to help others lead an active lifestyle too. We’ll also be encouraging people to ‘get on the list’ throughout our journey, as we have done for over a decade. Offa’s Dyke Rocks is a challenge, but it’s also a celebration – there’ll be music and there’ll be laughter, and maybe some tears.

“Both Jules and I have been very lucky, but for many people cancer is still a death sentence even though it doesn’t have to be. Ultimately, I hope the steps we take will help the cancer community that we’re part of to get one step closer to a world where cancer is no longer a leading cause of death.

“I hope you’ll join us from afar in whatever way you can to help save lives, one step at a time this summer.”