News: Raindown – Someone Call The Ambulance

Hello Everybody,

In the history of rock and roll disasters, this one isn’t the worst, but on a scale of one to ten it’s pretty high up there. Today we have been forced to withdraw the ‘Raindown’ single from general release. Please do not attempt to buy ‘Raindown’ by The Alarm MMVI at the iTunes store.

Somewhere along the line, there has been an almighty cock up at iTunes and anyone who purchases the single actually gets delivered the Placebo track ‘Infra-red’ by mistake. Ironically, the Placebo track contains the lyric “Someone call the ambulance, there’s going to be an accident”, Apt or what!!!!

Obviously, this is not good and we can only offer our sincere apologies to everyone affected by this. We are currently trying to get to the bottom of the problem and EMI have informed us that this may take “weeks rather than days” to resolve. We are therefore advising all Alarm fans not to visit the iTunes music store with the intention of buying ‘Raindown’ at this point in time.

Alarm bells first started ringing as early as 7.00 a.m. BST yesterday when Alarm fan Keith Clark alerted us to the problem in the first place. At first we thought this would be a problem that could and should be resolvable within minutes. You can imagine our surprise when we found out otherwise. Keith did contact iTunes directly only to receive a generic reply with the offer of a credit to buy any other song by any other artist in the iTunes store.

As you will have already seen on Mike has been hosting the Alarmcast week in support of the single and we are pleased to announce that the Alarmcast broadcasts will be going ahead as usual. Mike Peters is currently in discussion with EMI about the possibility of making a version of ‘Raindown’ available as a free download from

Mike and the crew have been working on Alarmcast all day (following on from his eventful trip to London last night to appear on the Tom Robinson show!). The webcast may run slightly behind schedule this evening due to the chaotic events of the day so please bear with Mike and the team.

Once again, sincere apologies to anyone affected by all of this and we hope that you all stay tuned to for further developments. Looking at the amount of hits to the webcast last night, it seems that you are all as excited as we are about the digital future at

Yours sincerely,

MPO Team