Never Let The Fires Die Podcast Episode #6: Blood Red Album Review

In this episode, hosts Jeff and Steve Fulton completely geek out while reviewing the new album from Mike Peters And The Alarm, Blood+Red.


I may be completely off base here, but I believe this whole record and everything about it was a direct, calculated move by Mike Peters to try to save his wife’s life. From themes and words of the songs, to the structure of songs themselves, from the instrumentation, to make-up of the band, I think Mike designed it all to make sure that Jules received the same kind of drive and push and electric thrill that he received when he first pushed out on stage to sing Unalarmed and Unplugged after he was told he had cancer the first time in 1995.  I think Mike truly believes the music, the process of making, playing, and even listening to it, could heal Jules. And at the same time, heal himself. It’s the purest, most explicit form of love I can imagine” 


  • Steve Fulton : Host
  • Jeff Fulton: Host


  • Produced, Edited, and Engineered by Jeff Fulton and  Steve Fulton

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NB: Audio Quality is not ideal  in  this episode, but we have identified the issue, and it will be fixed for the next podcast.