A Personal Message from Jules Peters

So on this beautiful sunny day in Wales, I just want to reach out and thank you all for your heart warming messages of love and support.

I sat down last night in real time to watch the BBC programme and I felt like I saw my life flash before my eyes.

The thing that struck me though is “the love”. The love sent to me last night. The love sent to me today. The love sent to me when I went public. The Hope. The Strength.

We will all have hurdles to cross at some point in this wonderful life of ours. Not just Mike and I. It’s about not being afraid and embracing the bumps in the road because there will always be love. There will always be hope and there will always be strength.

On this sad and unfathomable day in Manchester, it’s the small acts of kindness that count and matter. Community. Reaching out to one’s neighbour. Hugging your friend. Tell your nearest that you love them. We all have so little time. Life is terminal for us all but it’s an incredible life.

So thank you for all my love, my hugs, my “I love you’s”. That’s what got me through the night…

– Jules