Never Let The Fires Die Podcast Episode #5: Of Miracles And Manchester

UK Roving Reporters Steve and Amanda Varty take us into a fan’s eye view of the 2017 Manchester Alarm Show May 11th at the O2 Ritz.   Hear the Steve and Amanda’s expert opinions on The Alarm, and Marvel at the Amazing Story of Amanda Varty’s illness and recovery

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Never mind the Buzzsocks Video:

Full Story of Amada and Steve Varty : Dance Again :


  • Steve Fulton : Host
  • Steve Varty: Roving UK Reporter
  • Amanda Varty: roving UK Reporter


  • Lie Of The Land (live)
  • Rose Beyond The Wall (Mike Peters, Second Generation album, 1995)
  • Into The 21st Century (demo version) (Mike Peters And The Poets Of Justices, Back Into The System single, 1994)
  • Rise (Mike Peters, Rise album version, 1998)
  • A New Chapter (Mike Peters And The Poets Of Justice, Back Into The System single, 1994)
  • The Rock And Roll (The Alarm, In The Poppy Fields Bond #1, Close, 2003)
  • Excerpts from Manchester 02 Ritz, May 11th, 2017
  • Time (Mike Peters And The Alarm, Blood Red album, 2017)
  • It Just Don’t Get Any Better Than This (Mike Peters And The Poets Of Justice single version, 1994)

Engineered by Steve Fulton