My Alarm Story – Fabiola Leyton

My name is Fabiola I live in Santiago de Chile.

I met Alarm in 1988, with Rain in the Summertime, a worldwide hit, which sounded loud in Chile at these days.  I was 17.

I can remember when I bought the Eye of the Hurricane cd, the guy on the record store, one of the only selling cd at that time in Santiago, had only one copy, from his personal collection but agree to sell it to me.  I loved this CD, I still remember that winter listening Eye of the Hurricane song and looking at the map where Wales was. Then a friend of mine came with a copy cassette of Standards, so this cd and cassette were for a long time my only treasure of Alarm.

Time passed, and  due to my work, in 2004, I became to travel to London very often, and some day in a Record Store,( I think it was Virgin Megastore) , I found  Blaze of Glory Cd, that absolute changed my life… After all this years, Alarm became one of my five best artist of all. I listened that cd so many times in a day, all the songs, all the lyrics teach me something.

Destiny is written because in 2005, when I was 34, I was wishing so badly to be in an Alarm Concert, that the day came… I had to travel once again to London and I realize that Mike Peters was on tour, so I changed all the dates of my work to be there on time for the concert.
Finally, I was in Manchester Life Cafe (apr23) and made my dream come true, I was in front of Mike for first time, there was an interactive acoustic tour, so my request for that night was Presence of love, Mike read my memories of that song and played to me.

No longer happy with that, I travelled to London and had my second concert in Bar Academy Islington (apr29).

I have great memories of those two nights, I travelled a long distance to be there and I have no regret of that, was one of the greatest moments of my life, he played all the songs I wished to hear, a wonderful moment.

In the year of 2006 I return now to Wales, to travel from Prestatyn to Llandudno, listening to Alarm Songs and Mike Peters songs… I was very lucky to be there…

I only want to say now, thanks to Mike for made me see so far, dreamed so loud, teach me so well and gave me the strength to follow.  The same feeling that made me fly from Chile to UK is here with me every time I hear an Alarm song.

Fabiola Leyton

Santiago de Chile