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‘My Alarm Story’
As part of my MPO (The Alarm Office) duties, I deal with thousands of Alarm fans from all over the world. I remain humbled and amazed to receive incredible emails from Alarm fans and each time, I am always interested to hear how and why they remain Alarm fans to this day.

You all have different stories to share as to how you discovered The Alarm and what sustains you as an Alarm fan today. I wanted to bring all these stories together as they make such an interesting human tapestry.

I hope as time elapses you will be encouraged to send me your Alarm Story for publication at (Please email your story and photo to
For starters, please read Dave Spragg’s Alarm history… Thank you, Dave… an Alarm fan and dear friend…

Click HERE for Dave’s story, or look in the new ‘My Alarm Story’ section.
Thanks for all your lovely Alarm Stories which are filtering through.
I was struck by Fabiola’s story…. … it is incredible how far and wide that the music of Mike Peters and The Alarm resonates. Please click here for Fabiola Leyton’s story, all the way from Chile
Love hope and strength,
Jules x
Love hope and strength,

Jules x
The Alarm Team