Gig: 12/7/2000, Mike Peters, The Cockpit, Leeds

12/7/2000: Mike Peters, The Cockpit, Leeds


Press Release
Mike Peters & Alarm 2000:
Mike Peters: Lead vocals, guitar
Guitar: James Stevenson(Chelsea,Generation-X, Gene Loves Jezebel)
Bass: Richard Llewellyn (Jess,Cartoon)
Drums: Steve Grantly: (Stiff Little Fingfers)Set List

Band Comments
I've never played this particular venue. It's a bit like an old aircraft hanger. It even had a tin roof. The gig was another stormer, although I did go a bit ballistic in a sort of 'Raw Tour' sort of way… you know, thrashing about the stage, breaking strings, throwing guitars, ad-libbing bits into songs and genuinely pushing the band and the audience on to another level.
(Mike Peters)
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Mike was determined to get the crowd going and he did, leaving his guitar behind for a number of songs and challenging the audience to start dancing. It was a good show considering the venue and the early start/finish.
(Sam Greenly)