Gig: 10/22/2000, Mike Peters/Alarm 2000, Ballard Firehouse,Seattle, WA

10/22/2000: Mike Peters/Alarm 2000, Ballard Firehouse,Seattle, WA


Press Release
Mike Peters: Lead vocals, guitar
Guitar: James Stevenson(Chelsea,Generation-X, Gene Loves Jezebel)
Bass: Richard Llewellyn (Jess,Cartoon)
Drums: Steve Grantly: (Stiff Little Fingfers)Set List

Band Comments

Fan Comments
For the first time since 1989, Seattle rocked to the music of my
personal favourite band. No, not the Bay City Rollers, not N’Sync,
not even ABBA. It was treated to a show featuring the songs of the
ALARM. I think it was only the original singer unfortunately, I would
have loved to seen “the four lads” shake the greatest rock and roll
city in the world to its foundation. They were billed as The Alarm
2000 if I am not mistaken.

Unfortunately also they were not the headliners they so richly
deserved to be. That didn’t stop them from whipping the very near
capacity crowd into a frenzy. All the hits made an appearance and
even some songs the less fanatical folks in the crowd may have never
heard. Although the set lasted just about an hour, it was plenty
long to make fans out of those in attendance that may have never
heard of The Alarm or their music.

Mike and the boys seemed to be in top form after a well deserved day
off. The energy level was as high as I can remember it being back in
the day when it was the original four.
(Rick Lavender)