Gig: 12/10/2000, Mike Peters, The Leadmill, Sheffield

12/10/2000: Mike Peters, The Leadmill, Sheffield


Press Release
Mike Peters & Alarm 2000:
Mike Peters: Lead vocals, guitar
Guitar: James Stevenson(Chelsea,Generation-X, Gene Loves Jezebel)
Bass: Richard Llewellyn (Jess,Cartoon)
Drums: Steve Grantly: (Stiff Little Fingfers)Set List

Band Comments
I think we played a very good gig at Sheffield. We were tight and I managed
to keep my natural enthusiasm in check until the appropriate moments. I
think we played the best version of ‘My generation’ so far.
(Mike Peters)
Read Mike's tour diary at Comments
(Katrina Copping)

The Leadmill is a great looking reminds me of our very own Junction in Cambridge. The crowd in a touch strange tonight split into mosh pit and those determined not to move a muscle.
The band storm through their set, Mike jumping around, Steve and Jamie looking a bit tired. Mike’s voice is a bit croaky now on stage. It is a Sunday night and a warmer crowd would have made the gig better.
(Sam Greenly)