Gig: 12/9/2000, Mike Peters, The Lomax, Liverpool

12/9/2000: Mike Peters, The Lomax, Liverpool

A shorter gig due to an early curfew at the venue, which opened as a club from 10.30.
Suprise inclusion of an acoustic version of Moments In Time, played in tribute to John Lennon (on the anniversary of his death).
Press Release
Mike Peters & Alarm 2000:
Mike Peters: Lead vocals, guitar
Guitar: James Stevenson(Chelsea,Generation-X, Gene Loves Jezebel)
Bass: Richard Llewellyn (Jess,Cartoon)
Drums: Steve Grantly: (Stiff Little Fingfers)Set List
Marching On
Where Were You Hiding?
The Stand
Knife Edge
The Deceiver
Up For Murder
Unsafe Building
Absolute Reality
Walk Forever By My Side (Acoustic)
Moments In Time (Acoustic)
One Step Closer To Home (Hurricane version)
Sold Me Down The River
Rain In The Summertime
Rescue Me
Spirit Of '76
68 Guns
Blaze Of Glory
Band Comments
The venue was absolutely packed out and the crowd were really up for it right from the start. I don’t know how Steve Grantley managed to come in on time at the start of Marching On as the only people who could hear my guitar intro were the crowd… there was none being fed to me on stage at all.
Tonight, I hardly played any guitar. I wanted to be in the audience and was soon all over the monitors, on top of the barrier and we’d only played five songs. I had to try and calm down but how can you do that when the next three songs are ‘Murder’, ‘Unsafe’ and ‘Absolute’.
(Mike Peters)
Read Mike's tour diary at Comments
Right from the start when Alarm 2000 hit the stage, the place erupted. Right from the start
Mike decided to join us in the crowd and it was great to be able to feel the
passion that came from the music.
(Katrina Copping)

Mike is particularly energetic tonight ( he looks thinner and fitter these days) perching on the crowd barrier to sing only managing to stay up there due to the help pf the crowd. He is fired up tonight.
(Sam Greenly)