Gig: 1/20/2000, Mike Peters, The Portland, Cambridge

1/20/2000: Mike Peters, The Portland, Cambridge

Rescheduled show from Mike Peters December 1999 Solo Acoustic Tour
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Set List
Unsafe Building
The Stand
The Deceiver
No Frontiers
Breaking Point
Don’t Get Any Better Than This
Unbreak The Promise
We Are The Light
One Step Closer To Home
Absolute Reality
21st Century
68 Guns
Rescue Me
Lucky Numbers
Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke
Marching On
Spirit of 76 (the full song was sung by the audience without Mike singing at
all just playing guitar)
walk Forever My Side
Sold Me Down The River
Rockin’ In The Free World
Knife Edge
High On The Hill
Gone Elvis
Unsafe Building
(Ian Francis)
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