DeAnna Cochran / Alarm Jewellery Collection Launch

This winter, is launching a stunning collection of unique ‘Alarm’ jewellery that has been created by USA artist, lead metalsmith and creative visionary DeAnna Cochran.

Two unique silver pendants have been created featuring DeAnna Cochran designs with an initial piece that has been inspired by the classic Alarm Logo from the 2015 Strength 30th Anniversary tour.

As DeAnna explains  “Each piece is handmade, hand finished with an “aged” patina. This finish is only achieved by hand, one at a time, to both the chain and the pendant and we use reclaimed silver in the pieces.”

A representation of the iconic ‘Alarm Star’ Logo (that is currently prominent on all recent UK and US tour promotional materials and apparel), has also been created by Deanna.

“We are a green company focused on bringing hand crafted pieces to the world while spreading a message of hope and healing through jewellery. We’ve remained a small boutique studio,” continues DeAnna, “with a focus on making pieces one at a time using traditional metalsmith practices.”

Combinations of both items are also available to order.

Eagle-eyed fans will have spotted the jewellery being worn on stage by Mike and Jules Peters throughout most of 2017.

“During the Summer Alarm Tour, 2017,  on the 26th July'”, says Jules Peters, “I had the pleasure of meeting DeAnna Cochran after one of our Alarm shows in Atlanta, Georgia, I was already wearing one of Deanna’s jewellery pieces around my neck , the iconic Love Hope Strength dog tag which I have always treasured over the years, feeling deeply, that this precious piece of engraved silver has kept me safe through the good and the bad times… So it was a real pleasure to meet Deanna in person and meet the woman behind the jeweller and metalsmith…. Deanna was all that I could hope for. I admired a short necklace around her neck – a delicate cross and within seconds she was taking it off and delicately fixing it around my neck. To this day, I have never taken it off…  There was more. DeAnna presented me with the most beautiful engraved necklace, detailing the names of Jules, Mike, Dylan, Evan Est. 1986. I had been in her prayers during my breast cancer journey and this was a gift from her to keep me safe from harm. I have never taken this necklace off either… We immediately hit it off and bonded, by our shared love of original silver jewellery pieces, with a story to tell, we started to bubble with ideas for the future and voila, the Alarm jewellery range was borne…  We hope you enjoy wearing these special hand crafted designs, made with love hope and strength and a message of new life, faith and healing…  x”.

Cotton muslin bags with the Alarm logo will be used for the dispatch of all orders.

The DeAnna Cochran / Alarm Jewellery Collection is available to order in store now along with free postage and all orders placed on or before December 12th will be guaranteed for Christmas Delivery.