Brand new The Alarm = Love = Hope = Strength Artist playlists at Spotify

The Alarm have just created three brand new playlists at Spotify that are dedicated to reflecting the three themes of Love, Hope and Strength, that have run parallel to the band’s career for over 30 years now and manifest themselves in the lifesaving charity of the same name.

The playlist will be dynamic and open to change over the coming months through discussion and debate across the various social media platforms that surround the band.

Follow the Love, Hope, Strength playlists and The Alarm at Spotify today.


The Alarm = LOVE

Love is the first part a trilogy of Alarm playlists that highlight songs connected to the three central and overriding themes of Love, Hope and Strength. Three words synonymous with The Alarm and core themes that have remained central to the band’s tenet since first being created in Wales back in 1981. The band and it’s fans have survived many changes ever since, and still stands true to these themes to this very day. This ‘Love’ playlist directs listeners attention towards an oft neglected side of the band’s musical history, where the anthems of it’s first years of existence still loom large in the collective memory. There was always more to The Alarm than the sound and the fury of the gigs, so hopefully this playlist will lead you to a place where Love shines a light in the darkness, and in the places where we choose to live with (and without), our loved ones, and attempt to reveal a part of The Alarm’s music that will walk forever by your side.


The Alarm = HOPE

Hope is the second part of a trilogy of Alarm playlists that highlights songs born of the three individual and yet connected themes that run through the Alarm’s musical DNA with Love being the first, Hope the second and Strength third. The Alarm has always taken an optimistic stance throughout its musical life journey, whether singing about keeping the flame of hope alive, or connecting hope to love and strength, through words and music forged in the darker places life sometimes leads us into. The band has resolutely strived to project a positive energy through its music, and give encouragement to individuals wherever, or however, they choose to live their own life. Hopefully this playlist will take you on an uplifting experience through Alarm history, from it’s first optimistic declarations, to the heartbeat that still connects the band to followers new and old.


The Alarm = STRENGTH

Strength is the third part of a trilogy of song selections that reflect the core of what the Alarm has stood for musically and spiritually throughout its existence. Strength is found in both love and hope and when all three combine (as in the charitable mission of the band’s Love Hope and Strength Foundation), then lives can literally be saved one concert at a time. People turn to music at all times of their life, some look for solace and inspiration, for direction and comfort and some to be confronted and challenged. The Alarm has always tried to create a musical environment that gives back to the listener, and it is through love hope and strength that the band, the music and the fans have endured. This playlist highlights the more robust and forthright elements of The Alarm’s musical output, but the sensitivity and affirmation through Love and Hope are always there as part of essential ingredients that make The Alarm what it is, has been and always shall be.