The Alarm YouTube Channel to broadcast the story of The Alarm.

The Alarm .com is proud to present THE ALARM at The Cutting Edge – an Alarm YouTube Channel premiere of the groups first ever live television appearance that was conducted in the USA back in September 1983.

It was heady days for The Alarm, who were in the middle of their debut US tour (as guests of U2), and beginning to hear their music played on American radio for the first time. Awareness about this raw electro-acoustic band from Wales was growing all the time, and the North American single release of The Stand was gaining momentum across the airwaves.

As a result, the band were invited to participate in the then, fledgling music channel MTV, and their new alternative music show – The Cutting Edge. It was to be the moment that the world at large would hear the band speak and perform live for the first time in history. It was also the moment, when the band made the unforgettable performance video that featured Mike Peters famously paint spraying the red poppy logo and lyrics onto the stage set.

This is rare footage (not even shared on You Tube), that has hardly ever been seen until now. To mark the occasion, the is screening the entire segment, along with a remastered version of The Stand video, that has been cleaned up and reformatted for 16:9 widescreen by Gary Overington.

Throughout the coming months and to coincide with the March 16th release of ‘Eponymous 1981-1983’ and ‘Declaration 1984-1985’, we will be endeavouring to share our vast library of television and live recordings in chronological order.

The Alarm YouTube Channel will be the outlet for all of this footage, and we will be broadcasting clips on a regular basis, so we would like all Alarm fans to subscribe to the channel here, in order to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

We are hoping to archive all known Alarm footage into one place on the internet, to be enjoyed by all and for future generations to come. So, we are also appealing for anyone with any Alarm footage that we don’t have, to come forward and share it with us.  If you think you have anything that may have been shot on Cine8 or Camcorder (legal and illegal…=:-), and / or recorded on VHS or Betamax, that may be of interest, then please write to us at and tell us what you have.

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