Blog: Mike Peters ‘Under Attack’ Recording Diary Entry #48

Day Forty Eight : Friday 19th July 2005

Somehow we have been coerced into playing a Children Of The Revolution gig for John Leckie. John Leckie is the famous producer of the Stone Roses / Radiohead etc. etc.Barry has been playing him the Rev CD and he loves it. John really wants us to play at his daughters wedding. We decided to do it a while ago as we have also agreed to play at Richie Mod’s wedding in Rhyl on July 30th (‘Mod’ is one of my oldest friends and I am his best man, we also thought it would provide a good excuse for a great end of album party!). Now we have to rehearse as well as record the album. We have set up our gear in the Doghouse garage and we rehearse two or three times during the day, it sounds good and we even add some new songs like T. Rex’s ‘Hot Love’ and Roxy Music’s ‘Virginia Plain’ (With James attempting to sing like Bryan Ferry). I sing lead vocals on what was ‘Menai Bridge’ but is now called ‘This Is The Way’. We have decided that while we are away ‘Revving’, George and Martin can mix the track tomorrow. We work quite late into the night working on the ‘Rev’. It’s great because the neighbours are far away and no one can hear us except ourselves. We even film ourselves playing ‘My Town’ for a ‘Making of’ film we want to go with the finished album.