Blog: Mike Peters ‘Under Attack’ Recording Diary Entry #47

Day Forty Seven : Thursday 18th July 2005

It’s a busy early morning as Jules and Dylan are going back to Wales. Jules has got Alarmstock in London, New York and Los Angeles to organise and I am going to be extremely tied up with finishing the album. Jules friend Belinda has been staying with us for the last few days and has offered to drive them back to Wales. Work continues on ‘My Town’. More bomb alerts in London. Liam comes back from EMI. They loved the tracks. Lots of plans in the works now. ‘My Town’ is sounding great. Liam heads back to Wales. Finish the mix late afternoon. Start work on ‘It’s Allright, It’s O.K.’. George and Martin work up the mix as the track already has some guitar from me. George wants to start the track with the verse guitar part and lose the intro that we worked out in Wales. He is absolutely right. James adds some guitars of his own and I work out a counter melody that could run through the chorus. I sing the lead vocals and add some harmonies and double tracking. I still don’t know what to call the song. ‘It’s Allright, It’s O.K.’, ‘O.K.’ ‘Make It Through Tomorrow’, I don’t know. The title will come although I’m coming round to ‘It’s Allright, It’s O.K.’ Make some final adjustments before going for a pint in the Baskerville with George and Barry.