Blog: Mike Peters ‘Under Attack’ Recording Diary Entry #42

Day Forty Two : Friday 14th July 2005

George finishes the mix in the morning, while Jules, Dylan and myself take a walk along the banks of the Thames. It’s another beautiful day. We come back just in time to hear the final mix. We decide to tackle ‘Cease And Desist’. As most of this track has been recorded in The Chapel, the first job is to get the backing track with guitars all sounding good on the mixing desk. We decide to redo some of the guitars as now we are listening to the recordings in a ‘proper’ studio with great monitoring, we think we can do better. The first part we have a go at doing is the intro guitar and by the afternoon we have quite a few alternatives. We are hoping that one of them will set off the track in the way we anticipate once the vocal is on. James re-records the guitar solo with a few subtle overdubs to make the melody stand out in the track against the ‘wall’ of guitars. By the end of the night it is sounding great. We are having a day off tomorrow so we agree to finish it off on Sunday.