Blog: Mike Peters ‘Under Attack’ Recording Diary Entry #41

Day Forty One : Thursday 13th July 2005

The morning is spent getting the best out of the four vocal takes I recorded yesterday. At 1200 we observed the two minute silence honoring the memory of the victims of last weeks bomb attacks. Since the beginning of the session in Henley, I have been constantly pouring over the lyrics on my lap top. I have the lyric to each song open all the time in a word document. I keep going over them and whenever possible checking the new lyrics against the streams of consciousness that I sang when rehearsing the song. I find that is is important to keep the same amount of syllables as I sing unconsciously whilst rehearsing. Sometimes I find I have sung a line that makes sense lyrically, that needs to be incorporated into the song, sometimes I have to work to maintain the phrasing of a rehearsal vocal that has unintelligible lyrics but has a lot of passion and energy. During the afternoon I break into the lyric for ‘This Is Life [Get Used To It]. The atmosphere in the country at the moment is definitely affecting my writing. We work late into the night to finish ‘I Never Left I Only Went Away’. About 11 o’clock at night George feels that the ‘two’ solos are not working the way they should be and that maybe one of them has to go. George wants to take out the first solo but i think we should take out the second solo. We try both and while we are working on the edits, I suggest using the first solo but in the same place as the second solo and bringing the middle eight breakdown in straight after the second chorus, george seizes on the idea and suggests a small ‘chugging’ guitar part to run through the middle section, he also creates a four bar ‘breather’ section before the vocal comes in. Now we have a finished track.