Blog: Mike Peters ‘Under Attack’ Recording Diary Entry #43

Day Forty Three : Sunday 15th July 2005

It’s time for me to me to deliver the lead vocal on Cease And Desist. As it is such a fast song there is no holding back on the vocal, It brings out a very ‘Declaration’ quality in my vocals. Once the vocal are on we begin to realize that our initial idea of starting the track straight in at the lead vocal is not working as well as we had imagined. The problem is that in order to hear the vocals, we have to compromise on the guitars and I feel that the track sounds a little light weight because of it. After quite some time of trying to make it work, I suggest that we copy the first chord sequence that opens the song and add them to the front of the song to give the track some power before the vocal comes steaming in. George has the better idea of adding the chords that come at the end of the chorus that go underneath the big Oh Oh Oh hookline. It sounds great and Steve’s drum fill really helps to introduce the first vocal of the song. I add a sprinkle of trademark ‘Alarm’ harmonica over the front before we add the final touches of backing vocals from myself and James. George and Martin work up a mix of the track that sounds great and again we decide to ‘sleep on it’ before committing it to tape.