Blog: Mike Peters ‘Under Attack’ Recording Diary Entry #2

Day Two: Tuesday 24 May 2005

The main ‘idea’ behind this album is to not only get the best out of the songs, but to get the best out of the band aswell. No mean feat I can tell you because there is always a compromise between ‘live’ and ‘the studio’. The loose concept that we are working on is that we should have the band playing the songs live in one room and then move into the ‘record’ situation that would be erected alongside. Luckily, The Chapel is set out like a studio anyway. There is the main room (which still has all the old pews / pulpit etc.), which is huge and has eight large windows looking over the hillside. At the back is the vestry which is a reasonable size say 20′ x 10′. There is a kitchen just off the hallway and a w.c./ washroom. Upstairs there is a large beamed room which looks out over the gardens. We decide to christen the upstairs room – The Control Room, as this is where we will be assembling all the recording equipment. The back room / vestry is to be our ‘Rehearsal Studio’ and the main room is going to be the ‘Live Room’ for the drum kit. Steve Grantley arrives in the late afternoon ahead of James and Craig. On the last set of dates Steve and I had wanted to run through a few songs together and see what we can come up with as we had been the writers of 45 R.P.M. We just wanted to get a little head start and find the place to begin this album.