Blog: Mike Peters ‘Under Attack’ Recording Diary Entry #16

Day Sixteen: Monday 13 June 2005

Today I decide to tackle the acoustics on ‘Menai Bridge’. I had been doing some thinking over the weekend and deiced to return to my Takamine 12 String. I always seem to have trouble playing six string acoustics. I suppose it goes back to my first years learning the guitar which were spent with a 12 string that only had the six main strings on. It was during this time that I got used to the slightly wider neck and wider spacing between the strings. Over the weekend, Martin had built an acoustic guitar bunker out of drapes and old mattresses at the back of the control room. We are using a massive valve mic to record with and the acoustic sounds great and….. I can actually play the part now. Once I had the main part recorded for both the intro and outro, Martin asked me to ‘double track’ the guitar. This means playing the same thing exactly the same as before. The end result means that you can place each performance in the mix, one in the left hand speaker and one in the right. Once it has been done correctly it sounds great. Craig arrives back from his weekend in Yorkshire and conducts an experiment with the Gibson Les Paul bass to see if it will be the main bass guitar for the sessions. It does sound great, however the bottom E string does not sound as good as the other strings and as the job to correct this would take so long, he decides to stick with his trusty black ‘Overwater’.