Blog: Mike Peters ‘Under Attack’ Recording Diary Entry #14

Day Fourteen: Thursday 9 June 2005

Steve and Martin do some work on editing / tidying up the drums on ‘Without A Fight’ before Steve leaves us for a weekend of gigs with ‘Stiff Little Fingers’. Myself, James and Craig are going to concentrate our energies on recording the guitar parts to the tracks we have already done. James Stevenson has just acquired a 1970’s Gibson Les Paul bass guitar which Craig is eager to try out on the album. The problem is we can’t find the right strings for it as it is a medium scale instrument. We finally track a set down but they won’t be here until the morning so Craig lays a guide bass part onto the track. James has also brought up a Vox A.C. 10 which I fancy trying out for my guitar part on ‘Without A Fight’. We set up the amp at the back of the control room in a cupboard which we have turned into an overdub booth. My guitar (1970’s Fender Telecaster) in the Vox A.C. 10 sounds great even though one of the valves is rattling slightly, technically we should clean it up but that’s not very punk rock so we decide to give it a go. My idea for the song was always for it to start out with a dirty chugging sound and this what we have before the main heavy guitar parts explode into life. The song sounds great and we are all very excited especially with the chorus. Job done.