Article: Alarm 2000 Day Report

Alarm 2000 Day was a special and unique kind of day. 250 dedicated MPO members made the trip to North Wales to spend the day with Alarm lead singer, Mike Peters and listen to him spill his innermost feelings and thoughts on his Alarm experiences. It was a very emotional and uplifting day with Mike determined to sing almost every song from the Alarm catalogue.

Fatigued by his recent touring exploits with Big Country and overwhelmed with recording a dizzying realm of dedications pouring in from all over the world, Mike was exhausted and fighting off a heavy ‘tour’ cold. At 11am that morning, cocooned on the top flooe of the country house and location for the day, the Faenol Fawr, Mike felt for the first time that he was ‘without voice’ and the day ahead loomed ominously. It was even considered by Mike and MPO staff that maybe the day would have to be reset. Like the trooper he is, Mike decided to plunge in to the danger zone of ‘Declaration’ and test his voice to the limit. Buckets of honey and lemon later and aided by a fantastic and supportive audience Mike soon felt his voals juicing back to life and the day of songs and recollections rolled on into the night.

It is pointless to try and recapture Mike’s stories and heartfelt memories here in print as that is an experience all in itself. Suffice to say, the experience has moved MPO to explore the possibilites of holding Alarm 2000 Days all over the world. Investigations are already being made for a possible Alarm 2000 Day on the east coast of America later this year. In the meantime read on through the setlist and imagine a one man 12 hour performance…

Unsafe Building

Up For Murder

For Freedom

Across the Border

Lie Of The Land

The Stand


Marching On

Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke?

Sixty Eight Guns

Tell Me

We Are The Light

Shout To The Devil

Blaze Of Glory

The Deceiver

Pavilion Steps

What Kind Of Hell

Third Light

The Stand (Prophecy)

Unbreak The Promise

Howling Wind

The Chant Has Just Begun

Second Generation

Room At The Top

Reason 36

Reason 41

Bells Of Rhymney

Bound For Glory

Absolute Reality


Knife Edge

Spirit Of 76

Walk Forever By My Side

Father To Son



One Step Closer To Home [Electric Version] (From The CD)

Caroline Isenberg

Dawn Chorus

Only The Thunder (Played Later)

The Day The Ravens Left The Tower

Knocking On Heaven’s Door

Rain In The Summertime

Newtown Jericho

Rose Beyond The Wall (Not Played)

Hallowed Ground

One Step Closer To Home


Eye Of The Hurricane

Permanence In Change

Presence Of Love (Not Played)

Time To Believe (Not Played)

Only Love Can Set Me Free

Rescue Me

Elders & Folklore (Not Played)

My Land Your Land (Not Played)

Pastures Of Plenty (Not Played)

Change I

Sold me Down The River

Devolution Working Man Blues

Love Don’t Come Easy

Change II


The Rock

No Frontiers

Where A Town Once Stood


Black Sun

Prison Without Prison Bars

How The Mighty Fall

Firing Line (Not Played)

Corridors Of Power

Breaking Point

Rivers To Cross

A New South Wales (In Welsh)

Rockin’ In the Freeworld

The Road


The Wind Blows Away My Words

God Save Somebody

Moments In Time

Let The River Run It’s Course

Lead Me Through The Darkness

Hell Or High Water

Wonderful World

Save Your Crying

Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

Maggie May

Only The Thunder

Walk Forever By My Side