Blog: … Jules news… Revving Up.

Since the Sharpening Club closed down, it’s been busy times back at MPO HQ. ‘Mopping up’ after the USA, ‘setting up’ for the Gathering Nine and ‘revving up’ for the UK Second Generation Tour.

Despite his busy schedule Mike has been ‘stepping up’ with his personal trainer, Johnny Marine: ‘pressing up’ in streams and running up local mountains. Performing for two hours a night requires great stamina and so Mike works hard offstage to keep up his strength. Oo er.

When he’s not running up mountains Mike can be found strumming a lot these days. You find him in nooks and crannies around the house – just him and his acoustic – jamming new chords – singing new melodies. It’s like having Mike Peters radio transmitted 24 hours a day. Glazed looks and mounting bin-bags a go go.

From rehearsal reports, I think you can expect a red hot tour. Mike and the boys have been rehearsing a tonne of Alarm ‘specials’ and I sense that Mike feels the need to introduce some ‘Mike Peters’ tunes. I think he’s missed playing songs like Regeneration, Burnout Syndrome, High on the Hill… Coincidentally, a lot of callers to MPO in the past few weeks have made similar requests. This will mean longer sets than America so bring a spare T shirt.

I’ve spoken to some real interesting MPO folk on the phone this week. There was a Mathematician from Oxford, treating himself to Red Acoustic Works, a nine-times Gathereee from Kidderminster who amusingly regaled me with tales of him and his mates preparing to wear their ‘heavy’ boots to the forthcoming Wolves show in anticipation of frontline pogo-ing… Jose Mendoza from Wyoming who is attending the Gathering for the first time… and of course all our ‘regulars’ who keep in touch.

Amongst all this MPO madness, I have also been serving ‘Our Glorious Leader’, he of the Mission fame with T shirts and such finery. It’s a dirty job I know and it was with much huffing and puffing that I set off to Paris last week to make sure all was well in Mish World. It was lovely to see the Huss and our dear bass player, Ado doing their Wasteland thing. The Sharpening Club was back in business alongside The Mission’s ‘Country Club’.

Other highlights of the month included Mike’s rendition of ‘Happy Xmas war is Over’ in Swansea, South Wales for BBC Children in Need whilst Mike’s appearance on Janice Long’s Radio 2 show was highly memorable. A Mike Peters medley and an attack of emails, calls and faxes from MPO members all across the UK and the world to the BBC Studios! What amazing fans you are.

Well, time to pack the rock chick gear and ‘many shirts of Mike’ for our Alarming jaunt across the UK. I have a feeling that the Second Generation UK Tour will be rather like an extended Christmas Party. Please come by and say ‘hi’ and remember that the ‘Sharpening Club’ starts around 7.00pm.

Mine’s a moose drool…

Love and life,

Miss. MPO xxx