Blog: Mike Peters ‘Under Attack’ Recording Diary Entry #5

Day Five: Friday 26 May 2005

We are trying to work sensible hours during this recording period. The days begin at 1100 and run through until 2000 give or take, depending on what is happening. The first half an hour is always taken up with a cup of ‘right nice’ tea and a chance to evaluate what we have done / are going to do. Martin wants to spend most of the day placing microphones on the main drum kit in the ‘live room’. Steve and I are hard at it in the ‘practice room’ by 1130 . I show Steve the beginnings of a couple of new songs. ‘Cease And Desist’ and ‘Without A Fight’. Both these songs are up-tempo and by that I mean FAST. Something we learned from Steve Brown on the last sessions was that as we get ‘older’ we start to slow down. I can vividly remember pushing along all the ‘slow’ songs I wrote for the early ‘Alarm’. A slow one in those days was ‘Blaze Of Glory’…… We all want to make this album feel ‘energized’ and to do that the tempos have to be UP. We play faster and harder when we are on stage and we want to make this record sound like a band with a capital B. Steve hits me with a new song that he has written on his guitar. Steve has been learning to play guitar for the last few years and he has come up with a great song called ‘Everything Has It’s Place’. We run through it a few times with Steve singing his head off behind the drum kit. We grab Ollie Powell from the control room and he helps us out on bass to help get a bit of a real band vibe going and it all sound good. Steve and I leave at 1500 to take a break for the weekend before the real work gets under way with the arrival of Craig and James. All is good.